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Bathroom Log: A.K.A. The Poop Report


Thanks to listofrandomnames.com to pre-populate this spreadsheet with names during testing!

It’s pretty simple.  Enter all of your students into the appropriate class sheet, and just check them out and in as necessary.

There is also a sheet that lets you edit the list of destinations.

(I have bathroom on top because that is where they usually go.)

There is an Archive sheet that keeps track of every student’s trip that can be easily sorted and copied.

During my regular classes, I am spot-on with keeping track of where students are, but during algebra support, I can easily lose track of time when I work with a small group.

This was inspired by another teacher at my school who is collecting data on bathroom visits, and let’s be honest, I just wanted a good excuse to use a poop emoji.

I’m going to try using this in 5th and 7th hour next week.  Wonder what kind of data I will get.

Feel free to modify and use if you have a need for such things:

Bathroom Log

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