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Teacher Appreciation 2015

TAW 2015

I feel like the placement of teacher appreciation week is genius.  It’s always about the time when students decide that all work is optional and seem determined to spend the last two weeks tanking their grades.  And of course it’s about the time that I become extra determined to get some of that work handed in so I can prove that ‘Hey, these guys know enough to move on!  I know they do!  I have proof!’.

So the week has started with an awesome sign on my door.  (Which I’m contemplating making all of my kids sign at the end of the week to serve as a yearbook type thing…)

…and I opened my mailbox to find a package of pop rocks.

and after I find a can of Coke to drink with these…I’ll be back to chasing down students to bring up those grades.

Honestly…they could call this Teacher Motivation Week…because it totally works that way.

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