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My students have loved having the little bit of hands-on that they get every day, so maybe your students will too!  PDF copies of each foldable are available as well as my original powerpoint template, and I’ve been taking pictures of my completed notebook as we go.  I try to make things that can be reused if I change textbooks or move to a different level of algebra.  If you see something you like or have any constructive criticisms for me, please let me know.

Notes are in chronological order.  Just click the pictures to check them out!

Variables in Algebra

Variables in Algebra

Exponents and Powers

Section 1.2

Order of Operations

Section 1.3

Equations and Inequalities

Section 1.4

Translating Words and Mathematical Symbols

Section 1.5

Solving Equations using Addition and Subtraction

Section 3.1

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