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I often get mistaken for someone who is tech-savvy…don’t let the website fool you.

I prefer to think of my classroom planning as a mixture of ambition and curiosity.  I am the type of person who will start small, a trivia game, perhaps.  Then I decide that I need the tiles on the game board to link to the question, the answer, and back to the board.  Then I decide that I want the game to keep track of what has been clicked.  Can I make the colors match my classroom?  But wait, I also want pen functionality with my SMARTboard!  You can see that as the list goes on, I find myself using Google to figure out what I need to learn to accomplish my goals.

I like to make visually appealing games and lessons, and I like to use visually intuitive spreadsheets to monitor my students’ progress.

The good news for my fellow educators is that I ALWAYS make a template.

I will try to be good about sharing these templates (with instructions, of course!)

Feel free to borrow anything you find here for use in your own classroom.

Multiplication Tables – 2 per page, up to 20 x 20.

I Have…Who Has –  Covering Slope-Intercept and Point-Slope Form Equations.

Colorful Cardioids and Star Polygons – A fun exercise in patterns and mathematical drawing

Bathroom Log – An Excel Spreadsheet that automatically tracks students’ bathroom trips.

End of Q1 Grade Handout – A handout to help students set goals for 2nd Quarter

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