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Powerpoint Trivia Template

Cool things about this template:

It matches my classroom decor!

Trivia Board 1

 It makes users tap on specific buttons to go through the slides.  (This is so SMART board users can use the pen tool for notes and demonstrations.)

Trivia Board 2

 Trivia Board 3

The point totals change color after they’ve been clicked without disappearing.  And to reset the board, just close and reopen the powerpoint file.  (I had a trivia game set-up where the used questions just disappeared…I got frustrated after being unable to access them after clicking through.)

Trivia Board 4

 Feel free to try it out in your own classroom.

Light Green Trivia Template – Download Link

Helpful Suggestion:  Save yourself a lot of time by using Ctrl-F to change the category titles.

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