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My Favorite Thing


I’m sorry for being a little bit late on this post.

My favorite thing is using Powerpoint to generate worksheets and foldables.  I usually don’t use Powerpoint as a lecture tool, because I know that my students probably see 3-5 Powerpoint presentations every day.

Side Note:  I had inservice on MLK Jr. day, and I sat through two presentations that were guided by Powerpoint, and by the end I was so mentally restless…I honestly don’t know how the students do it every day.  I try to make my class very interactive and conversational so they don’t feel like they’re just sitting.

Now being married to an Art Teacher, I know that Adobe Creative Suite can probably accomplish this task WAY better than Powerpoint.  But Adobe Creative Suite also has a steeper learning curve and has pretty high system requirements.  Powerpoint is a good middle ground to make nice .pdfs quickly in a WYSIWYG format.  It also lets me drop pictures where I need.

Check my Physics Printables for some of my favorite examples.

I was originally going to write a tutorial for how I do these, but this week has been way too crazy.  We’ll put that on hold until next time I make something…

The last big thing I made was my I Have…Who Has… Slope-Intercept form game.

I also used Powerpoint to make my Trivia Template which works AWESOMELY on my tablet with wireless projector.

I also like that Powerpoint has good equation tools, so that I can type and move and rotate physics equations without having a worksheet that looks like pixelated garbage.  It is also easy to make data and information sheets for lab.  It’s nice to be able to generate a nice graph in Desmos or Wolfram Alpha and have it play nice with any text, arrows, highlights or colors I need to add.

And should I need to present using any of these creations, there is little to no lag using the pen tool on my Tablet.

I’m a big fan of Powerpoint, just not in the way that most teachers are…

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