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Halfway there?

So today marks the halfway point of my summer semester in Grad School.  I’m thinking maybe 10 credits was a little much, and that maybe, just maybe math teachers will lapse into group insanity when confined to a classroom for roughly 9 hours a day, 4 days a week.

I should have known better, but I’ve always been ambitious.  My husband accuses me of complaining about not having free time, even though I immediately find more things to fill any free time that I DO have.  So here I am, trying to draft my thesis proposal.  Yes, they told me to wait until my second year.  No, I did not listen.

I’m not quite sure if my topic is going to stick, so I will wait until then to reveal my research topic here.  However, I did learn that this research isn’t quite as bad as I thought.  I looked over examples that had thirty to fifty articles in their literature review, while academic search engines yielded seven or eight valid articles, max.  I panicked!  How was I going to find that many articles?

Without knowing what to do, fearing a dry thesis, (but with a draft deadline approaching) I started to write.  And I realized that many of my articles had citations of their own…research that I could also find and use!  To a seasoned researcher (or English teacher) this might seem like common sense, but in my sleep-deprived grad-school state I felt as though I’d discovered something grand!  Strangely enough, academic search engines are very good when you know which authors or titles you seek.  Go figure!

Dorm life is a unique experience for me.  I lived off-campus in an apartment during my undergraduate degree, so I’ve never had to share so much time with classmates.  Luckily my suite-mate and I get along well, and are in most of the same classes.  I do know some of my classmates, because I’m not the only teacher from my school in this program, so that’s nice.

As I get closer to the new school year, being away from home has gotten harder.  For example, this week I’ve learned that I get to teach a class that I’ve always wanted to teach!  This particular class looks to be a little more cross-curricular than my usual fare, so it will be quite different.  This class also requires changes to my classroom layout, because it has different space requirements than my previous algebra classes.  I can’t wait to get home and tear through the textbook and start planning!

Life is busy, but life is good.

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