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Resources that made me rethink how I grade and assign homework…

Yesterday, I had a good discussion with my principal about my homework/assessments/grading methods.

I’ve been using a variant of standards-based grading with no homework in Physics for two years now, but I never quite know how to choose my words when describing what I do.  Most people fixate on the fact that I don’t give homework, but don’t really want to hear about the framework that I’ve built to ensure that my class would not descend into chaos without homework.

The overall positive effect is that I have more time in class, less cheating, and better relationships with students.

The negative effect is that it takes a lot of planning and confidence on my part.  (I would not have been this brave as a 1st or 2nd year teacher.)  If you read the earlier posts in my blog, you’ll see that I was terrified of ruining a perfectly good physics class (with a cheating problem) by making such a big change.  My biggest fear was that by eliminating homework and cheating, I would also lower the engagement level of my class.  I’m so glad I took the jump, because I think I took a good physics class and made it something great.  My reflections on Q1 of last year can be found here.

Anyway, this post wasn’t meant to be so much about me.  I just wanted to share the resources that helped me most when I made these decisions.

On Ditching Homework Itself:

On Standards Based Grading:

On Reassessment