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30 Days – What does a good mentor do?

Explain:  What does a good mentor “do”?


30 Days – Post a Picture of Your Classroom

Describe what you see, and what you don’t that you’d like to.


30 Days – What do you love most?

Day 4:  Respond: What do you love the most about teaching?


30 Days – “Observation Area”

Day 3: Discuss one “observation” area that you would like to improve on for your teacher evaluation.


30 Days – One Piece of Technology

Day 2:  Write about one piece of technology that you would like to try this year, and why. You might also write about what you’re hoping to see out of this edtech integration.


30 Days – Write Your Goals for the School Year

Ok, so I thought I’d try the 30 day blogging challenge from Teach Thought over the month of Sept.

Day 1:  Write your Goals for the school year.  Be as Specific or Abstract as you want.