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30 Days – Post a Picture of Your Classroom

Describe what you see, and what you don’t that you’d like to.

I took a long break from writing this blog post.  Mostly because I didn’t have any pictures of my classroom on hand, and I didn’t really have time to sit aside and blog.

Tonight, I really don’t have time either, but I’m waiting for a presentation to export to video so that I can post it for my Physics class.  If my tablet goes to sleep, the compiling fails…so I might as well blog!

I do really like my classroom.  I’ve had the 30 desks organized into 5 groups for the last two years.  (We put them in rows only when we test, and it really freaks the students out!)  I have lots of colorful posters, most of which are shamelessly borrowed from other math bloggers.

The most original idea I have are my Twitter birds, which showcase student quotes.  Overall I like it.  Enjoy the pictures!


This is what you see when you first enter my room.  There’s my desk and general work area.  My portion of the carpeted wall is covered with things I like.  I have lots of student artwork, a few motivational posters, a bulletin board, and a string art Cardioid.  I also have the Change Your Mindset posters from Math Equals Love and the Mathematical Practices around my board from Everybody is a Genius.  Each table has a ‘toolbox’ on it for various activities.  I’m a fan of color!


This is what you see if you enter the door and look toward the back of my room.  The carpeted wall is currently showcasing some graphing robot worksheets from my 21st century skills class.  (Honestly, some elementary school teachers walked in and thought I was an English room, so I panicked and put up the only colorful student work I had…it does look like a math room now…right?)

The 3 tables in a U are my ‘Physics Lab’ tables, next to my ‘Physics Toys Cabinet’.  The wooden bookshelves are used mostly for Transmath 3 workbooks because not all of my students have lockers.  I divide my board up using brown Duct Tape, and I try to keep it updated every Monday.  The black cart is full of 30 HP Stream laptops.  They are amazing, and I love finding ways to use them in class.  They’re new as of this year, and I feel very spoiled to have them.


This is the view from the back of my room.  This is where other teachers sit when they need to observe me, or where students sit when they make up quizzes or tests.  My classroom is a long rectangle. It felt weird trying to fill the space during my 1st year, but I think I’ve got it figured out by now.


This is my view from the board.  Hello kids!  In this picture you can see my Explorer GLX devices for physics on the podium on the left, and the plastic totes that house them on the shelf on the right.  The tops of my built-in cabinets have totes with KNEX Roller Coasters and more attachments for the GLX.  It’s a little bit packed, and sometimes students catch me climbing on cabinets to find what I need.  I wonder if this makes me a pack-rat.


Lastly, here’s the view from my desk.  I have a blue pocketed holder that I sometimes use for cell-phones.  I have an orange and black board where students can showcase photos of things that make them feel proud about their grades.  (It’s really just orange and black paper…but don’t tell.  I have all of the kids convinced that it’s real!)  I have a physics timeline from last year that was just too cool to take down.  The white board tells students what they need to bring to class to participate today, and the table holds everything they (or I) may need.  Also my one stool is there.  Normally I’m very energetic and don’t really sit down, but there have been one or two times when I have felt crummy enough to finish most of the last lecture perched on the stool.

The only thing I WISH I had more of, is Student Work!  I have been doing more visual things in my classes, but I tend to just hand things back without really thinking about using their work as decor.  This is on my definite list of things to improve once I’m all planned and caught up again 🙂

It feels good to write and look at the pictures, because I do really like my classroom!

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