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Colorful Cardioids and Star Polygons

So I have this string art Cardioid on the wall of my classroom. Picture it being something like this lovely art featured at ModFrugal, but instead made out of cheap white cotton twine on a grey carpet background.

When I put up the string art, I seriously did not anticipate the questions that I would get every year.  Every class wants to learn how to make ‘the string thing’, ‘the rebel alliance symbol’, ‘the moon’, or…’the butt’.  I knew I didn’t have supplies to bring true string art to my intro classes, but I did have basic art supplies and rulers.  They LOVED it, so I thought I’d share.

Step 1:  Distribute Circles Worksheet.

Step 2:  Have students number the points going around each circle.  (Their starting point changes the final product, so I gave them a choice as to where to start, and whether to go clockwise or counterclockwise.)

Step 3:  Distribute Directions Worksheet and help students follow directions.

Step 4:  Distribute another blank Circles Worksheet…encourage Creativity.

Step 5:  Discuss Cardioids and Star Polygons based on the level of the students.

During my 2nd demo of the day, a student suggested that I record using Stop-Motion and Rainbow colors.  I would have used colored pencils instead of markers, but my IPEVO Point2View camera couldn’t capture the yellows and greens.  Regardless…I LOVE the finished video.  I think I’ll definitely use stop-motion more often.