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Translating Words and Mathematical Symbols

 I feel pretty good about this one, because the students LOVED using a corresponding color for each operation.  This took my classes two days to do, but I’m hoping that having the symbols and their definition helps with the vocab troubles that I see in this class each year.

Section 1.5


Section 1.5 Open2


Section 1.5 Open1


Both Printables on One Page

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Equations and Inequalities

Section 1.4



I did realize that it makes more sense to have Less than or Equal to next to Equals…so that is changed in the files below 🙂

Section 1.4 Open

Two Printables per Page

One Printable per Page

Powerpoint File (Easily Adjusted!)


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Let’s Play Taboo!

So Wednesday is an early day…and picture day…and there’s an assembly in there too!

It really doesn’t pay to jump into anything new with physics, so I created a Taboo-style game that should last all year.

They’re all fancy and laminated and I’m super proud!

2014-09-08_0001 2014-09-08_0002

When my class plays tomorrow, they will have 1 minute to talk or act in such a way that will cause the team to say the goal word.  My classes are about 15 students each, so we’ll have three teams and half an hour to play.  I went through my whole physics book and ended up with about 200 cards to cover the entirety of the class.  Since we’re only in Chapter 2, my groups will be playing with about 60 cards tomorrow.  I think it will really help to just add in more cards throughout the year.

I’ve included my template at the bottom; here’s how to make one of your own:

Step 1:  Look in your textbook’s glossary.

Step 2:  Make important terms your “Goal Words.”  (You can use pop culture figures too!)

Step 3:  Pick 4 words that you don’t want your students to say during their turn.  (I laughed more than I should have when I decided that they can’t say Bow Tie when talking about Bill Nye…)

Powerpoint File


Finished Physics Taboo Game (More than 100 cards!)

Order of Operations

Section 1.3 Open


Section 1.3



Two Printables per Page

One Printable per Page

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Exponents and Powers

Section 1.2

Section 1.2 Open4

Section 1.2 Open3

Section 1.2 Open2

Section 1.2 Open1


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Major Discoveries in Physics

 So in Physics, I wanted to have a little bit of down time surrounding the Chapter 1 Test.

Each student was tasked with picking a physicist, and presenting up to three of their greatest achievements.  We added each achievement to an arrow, and printed pictures of all of our physicists.

(The string is supposed to represent the actual timeline…it’s a little goofy, but I went with it)

Then today I had some of my taller seniors hang it in the corner of my classroom.  It finally looks like the two physics classes have a bit of presence in my decor.  LOVE IT!


At the end of the timeline, there was a bit of extra space.  They pleaded to add Bill Nye at the end (holding squirt guns, no less…).  Let it go on the record that since we labeled Bill Nye as immortal on our timeline, he is not allowed to die this year.  I’m curious to see if any of my other students or fellow teachers notice and point him out.


Most of the portraits are from Wikipedia, with the exception of Bill Nye and Stephen Hawking.

(We really wanted to find a younger picture of Hawking to go next to his earlier work.)


The only physicist that is officially missing a picture is Dimitry Zubarev.  We can’t find one on wikipedia, and we don’t know that anyone painted a portrait either.  We joked about whether or not my student had created the Dimitry Zubarev wiki page to get out of doing research, but it’s really amazing that we managed to find decent pictures of the other 30+ physicists.


And there’s my new poster!  Some day soon I hope to bring in my real camera and get pictures of my classroom to share.

Variables in Algebra

Section 1.1   Section 1.1 Open

Both Handouts on a Single Page:

Each Handout on a Separate Page:

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