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Goals and Dreams and Other Things…

So I used the Mathematical Autobiography from Math Equals Love on Friday.  Thought I’d share some of my students answers.  I was surprised to learn that only a few students are shooting for an A or B in my class.  The rest wrote that they want D’s or C’s, with D’s being the overwhelming majority.  Hopefully the first round of grades will go in, and they’ll feel better and see that A’s are definitely attainable if they stick with it!

Notable Hobbies/Talents/Interests

Going to college and playing football



Crocheting and Texting

Video Games, Music

Cheerleading, Gymnastics

Doctor Who, Popcorn, KFC

Really good at computer designing

Motocross, drumming

I ride BMX at the skate park

Coloring my hair

My hobbies are fishing and hunting

Camping, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Hockey, Volleyball, Dirtbiking, Boating, Hanging out with friends, fishing, traveling, swimming, working out

Notable Dreams/Goals

Passing high school

To pass high school

To graduate

My goal is to go to college for 4 years to become an elementary teacher (at least she knows how long it will take!)

I want to be an anesthesiologist.

I plan to own my own tattoo and piercing shop

To be the best I can be and to graduate (I like this one!)

Go to college and become a game designer

Get a degree and become a structure designer

I want to open my own hair salon

Certify in power equipment mechanics

To enjoy life

Pass high school and get a good paying job

World Domination

I want to join the military if I can

Become Successful

To be on the UND Hockey Team

Be an author or lawyer

To one day get into a good vet school and become a vet

My dream is to play in the NFL, goals are to go to college

Graduate and become a criminal investigator

Rally Car Driver

I want to be a doctor

Own a photography company

To have a fun job which I work for a living

Be an NHL goalie, be rich, be successful, get into a good college, get good grades

Big house, wife, kids

Be a psychologist

Play in the MLB with a big house, kids and a hot wife

Go to a blackhawks game and meet Patrick Kane

Meet One Direction

none (this one hurt a little)


All in all, this helped me learn quite a bit about the students that actually answered the questions.  Awesome!