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How I spent my Summer Vacation

So this happened…Wedding

It was a windy day on the beach, but still beautiful.

Since the Art Teacher and I live in a particularly landlocked state, it took us about 36 hours to make a one-way trip to the beach for our wedding.  We did our best to break up the drive with stops in St. Louis both ways.

(The zoo and art museum are both awesome and free, by the way!)

After about two weeks on the beach, my mind started to drift back to teacher-work.  I don’t think that the church marquee below was intended to be funny, but I laughed.  Apparently I do both God and Satan’s work in my classroom.

Sighted in North Carolina…

I leave for Grad school in less than a week.  It will actually be my first time staying in a dorm room…

Before that, I’m trying to do all the prep work that I can for my Intro to Algebra class.

Since this is the only class that I know I will be teaching, I’m going crazy on the prep.  Making posters, wordles, ordering supplies, writing their assessments…I even bought a few composition books so I could try creating ISNs this year.

We’ll just have to see.